25 Things to Re-Home

25 Things to clear out from your home

When I think about how to begin our home decluttering, I always start the same way: move through the rooms in our home easiest to hardest, starting with the most lived-in spaces. Why do the basement first if I am always in a cluttered kitchen? I try to focus on what will improve my quality of life faster and easier. 

I also schedule my decluttering in 30 minute blocks which helps me power thru and make quick decisions. It also makes the decluttering achievable, maybe I don’t get the entire kitchen sorted but I do make room which helps me live more organized. Deciding between clothes I haven’t worn for years, books that I didn’t like, candles that bother my allergies, gadgets I never reach for etc etc is more fun when I make a game out of it. Plus the reality is, I have never once missed something that I have given away so badly that I bought the same thing again. Have You?

Here is a great list that you can use to sort thru each room: 

  1. Burned out candles
  2. Clothes that you haven’t worn in 3 years
  3. Extra sets of bedsheets
  4. Stained kitchen towels (time for the rag bin)
  5. Broken or OLD makeup
  6. Socks without a match
  7. Restaurant Sauce Packets
  8. Mismatched Tupperware 
  9. Worn out shoes
  10. Almost empty lotion bottles
  11. Expired Food
  12. Last Years Calendar
  13. Extra Water Bottles
  14. Paper Clutter (this is a BIG one) 
  15. Useless Swag and Freebies
  16. Outgrown Sports Equipment 
  17. Expired Sunscreen (older than 3 years)
  18. Store or Wire hangers
  19. Duplicate Kitchenware
  20. Extra Blankets
  21. Party Supplies 
  22. Toys that are not played with 
  23. Anything stored for the “someday”
  24. Crafting Supplies
  25. Unopened Gifts 

As you start to declutter your home, you will soon realize that you have a few options on what to do with the unwanted items. Please recycle or re-home as much as possible. I belong to a local FB group where we post things we don’t want so that others can pick them up for free. Crafting supplies? Find a local crafting thrift store like, https://scrapitupcincy.org/ 

If you have lots of household items, please consider donating to an organization that helps people battling homelessness. If you are in the Cincinnati area, please consider this organization for household items. New Life Furniture Bank, http://nlfurniture.org/  

If you have a child in sports or dance, consider donating the outgrown equipment to your studio/ club which can give it to another teammate- or give it right to the parent! Trust me, those dance leotards are greatly appreciated! 

Decluttering your home has so many benefits and is a win win when you are rehoming things to others who could use a little help. 

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