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Because let’s be real: How many makeup brushes do we really need? If you are anything like me, you need a streamlined morning routine also. I know from personal experience that the right brushes and tools are essential to create that flawless finish.


Get your Ultimate Brush Guide for Free. I made this guide by field testing each brush over and over to get the ultimate collection of makeup brushes that are essential for women, like me and you.

The Ultimate Makeup Brush Guide

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here's what's included:

After embarking on this simple, step-by-step journey, your makeup routine will:

• Make your eyes pop
• Create a flawless finish
• Save money
• Require fewer products
• Reveal a younger you
• Leave you happy about your look (I promise!)

You’re in the right place because you’re like me: a busy woman who needs a subtle and sophisticated daily makeup routine. You want your eyes brighter and lifted, and you want that natural youthful glow.

In ten minutes, you want to easily take your makeup from a daytime to an evening look.

These lessons aren’t for girls, they’re for women like you.

The Ageless Makeup  Masterclass

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"I had a drawer full of makeup that I had no idea how to use. "

I kept buying stuff in the hopes that it would make me feel better about the way I looked.  One session with Kendall taught me so much. She showed me how to make my eyes look bigger and brighter without looking overdone.  She taught me how to bring out my cheekbones and play up my best features.  I am almost 60 and now when I apply my makeup, using the techniques that Kendall taught me, people say I look better than I have in years and I don’t look “made up.”  I now know how to use makeup to enhance my features and I feel much more confident about how I present myself in the world.

Jane B.

"Kendall’s make-up artistry is truly magical!"

"What an amazing difference in how I looked and felt after she applied her touch. One of the most important benefits of working with Kendall is she is so good at creating a process that is unique to my ‘mature’ skin, face and lifestyle while being practical for me to utilize daily. I feel so confident now that I have a routine that really works for me. Thank you Kendall!”

Myrita C.

"I had never had a makeup consultation in my life and Kendall made it look so easy!"

"She put me at ease and explained each step. She also made the experience fun and gave me tips I now use everyday as a teacher, since I don’t have extra time each morning to spend on makeup. I found her style to be fresh and realistic, especially for a busy mom and teacher like myself. She answered all my questions and gave me great ideas for how to use makeup each day.”

Charity K.

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