How to do Makeup for Zoom Meetings

Now you are on Zoom all the time, how should you be doing your makeup to look polished and professional? I have a few tips that will help you. 

First, let’s chat about the basics of the set up. Having your camera at “head height” is optimal, no up the nose nor down the shirt camera positions please! Be mindful of your background. If you see piles of stuff on your screen, so do your co-workers. Pick a spot that is clear and well lit. Speaking of lighting, pay attention here, lighting can make or break your appearance. I use a ring light, either a large one on a tripod or a mini one that sits on my desk. Either way, lighting from the front of you is best instead of having light behind you which can make your face in shadows. 

When it comes to your makeup, let your personality shine but not your skin. There are a few things you can adjust to look better on a video meeting and one of them is to powder your skin with a mattifying powder. Unpowdered skin can look like you just ran a marathon, this is where more is better! I highly recommend one that mattifies red tones like a white/no color setting powder.  

Another tip I highly recommend is to boost your eye makeup, particularly if you wear glasses. By shaping your brows, darkening your eyeliner and adding more mascara, you give more focus to your face. It will allow your video friends to see your expression, which is so important when video conferencing. 

One of the common mistakes women make when doing their makeup for their video meeting is adding too much highlighter. I am a full believer of highlighter, in the right places! However too much shimmer combined with lighting equals a hot mess on Zoom. So tone down or just leave highlighter off for your meeting, you will thank me later!

If you like all of these tips, be sure to check out my new makeup course, Ageless Makeup Masterclass which will teach you all about creating a flawless finish and youthful glow. 

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