Kids Art, Perfect for Wrapping Gifts

Do your kids produce art like it’s going out of style too? Recently a mom friend shared that she was feeling a little guilty for not keeping every picture their kid created. How can we? Our homes would be overflowing with crayon impressionism! 

Years ago I adopted this idea and it has always been the talk of birthdays or holidays. Use your child’s masterpiece as wrapping paper! It is perfect and colorful, plus a great way to showcase their art to loved ones. I save all the “big” masterpieces in a never ending roll, tucking a few smaller ones in there too. There is the added benefit of being earth friendly too. 

I abhor buying wrapping paper, this might be because I grew up in the 80’s when my mom was always shouting across the din, “open that one gently, it’s too pretty not to use again”. When I celebrated my first holiday season with Steve, his mom Yvonne smiled her approval when I opened my present with care, folding my wrapping paper up to reuse. 

Fast forward to parenthood and drowning in artwork…. Ah Ha…. the perfect solution, upcycle those avant guard scribbles to colorful presents. Of course, Yvonne would still open them carefully, admiring the girls artwork and then quietly folding to reuse…..again. 

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