It’s Time To Age-Up Your Makeup Routine

There’s a natural beauty approach to the youthful look you’re chasing. It starts with ten simple makeup lessons designed and produced exclusively for women over 45.

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I’m Kendall Stolz, and for 25 years I’ve been a professional makeup artist, working on set with world-class producers, directors and photographers for brands like Olay, Herbal Essences, and Biore. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the transformative power of make-up—the way it can make women feel beautiful and confident.

Want to know why? Because I help women just like you look and feel great every day.

Hey there, my name is Kendall &
I'm your new beauty bestie.

Welcome to the Ageless Makeup Masterclass

This 10-part online class is a new path to the natural beauty you crave. In each lesson, you’ll learn professional techniques to bring out your authentic youthful glow in a simple, straight-to-the-point style.

Your skin changed. Did your technique?

What worked for us in our twenties just doesn’t cut it anymore. Even with decades of professional experience under my belt, I’m no exception. We can’t fight nature.

Tell me if any of these frustrations sound familiar:

The Ageless Makeup Masterclass will teach you WHY these issues happen and HOW you solve them.

Ready to get started? 

ONLY $47

Sign up today and get the class for 

Leave you happy about your look

Reveal a younger you

Require fewer products

Save time

Create a flawless finish

Make your eyes pop

By the end of this program, your makeup routine will:

You’re in the right place because you’re like me: a busy woman who needs a subtle and sophisticated daily makeup routine. You want your eyes brighter and lifted, and you want that natural youthful glow. 

In ten minutes, you want to easily take your makeup from a daytime to an evening look.

These lessons aren’t for girls, they’re for women like you.

The Ageless Makeup Masterclass mixes authentic, lived experience with the knowledge of an industry pro.

It’s an unbeatable recipe for your success.

As a woman over 40, I know our needs change, even as our free time becomes so much more scarce. The morning routine I rely on today is built from the ground-up for a woman of my age. If yours isn’t, then the Ageless Makeup Masterclass is your new best friend.

The success of my approach brought me together with celebrities like Paul Simon, John Mayer, Lauren Bacall, Kenny Chesney, and Barbara Bush (as well as her husband, President George Bush Sr.), just to name a few.

This class was born when I began helping friends who struggled with their beauty routines. I taught them the techniques I developed on set in a way that they could replicate in their morning routines. They recommended me to their friends, and then their friends’ friends and… you get the idea.

Why are my techniques so popular?

They work. I know exactly what you need and I tell it to you straight: exact steps to get your youthful glow back. I keep it quick and simple. I know what it's like not to have a minute to spare.

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Here's what's included:

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10 exclusive instructional makeup videos packed with powerful anti-aging techniques to maximize results and save time.

Your own Beauty Face Chart to record notes and drawings during class.

A printable Beauty Flashcard for your makeup area.

My 100% honest product recommendations (with convenient sources).

The Top 5 Anti-Aging Makeup Tips that I absolutely swear by.

Everything you need to age-up your routine and cut down on wasted time.

ONLY $47

Get the results you want with no regrets!

Snag your bonuses and build your new makeup routine with this limited offer.

 Masterclass Video #1: Eyes
Discover how to make your eyes pop, how Micellar Water can change your life, and which four fingers should never touch your eye area.

Masterclass Video #2: Primer & Concealer

Simple tricks to make your concealer flawless, plus a foolproof map for applying your primer. 

Masterclass Video #3: Liquid Foundation
These essential softening tips for foundation application will become your new secret weapon for a flawless finish.

Masterclass Video #4: Powder Foundation
You’ll walk away knowing how to make your product last longer and how to make that “powdery” problem go poof! 

Masterclass Video #5: Cheeks
Subtle but genius application tricks to take 10 lbs and 10 years off. Hello! Yes Please!!

Masterclass Video #6: Eyeliner
Master the elusive bright-eyed look that every woman wants. 

Masterclass Video #7: Mascara
Super boost your lashes like a pro with these Hollywood-tested rules for applying mascara the right way. 

Masterclass Video #8: Lip Tips
Fuller lips and a cleaner, quicker application that stays on longer: this will improve your day-to-day like nothing else. You’ll want to kiss and tell! 

Masterclass Video #9: Lashes
Choose the right glue and get matched with the perfect fake lash style for you so you don’t end up looking like a cartoon.

Masterclass Video #10: Day To Evening
Master the art of revitalizing your look after a long work day for a fun night out.

These 10 Masterclass Makeup Videos will help you build your new routine. 

"I had a drawer full of makeup that I had no idea how to use. "

I kept buying stuff in the hopes that it would make me feel better about the way I looked.  One session with Kendall taught me so much. She showed me how to make my eyes look bigger and brighter without looking overdone.  She taught me how to bring out my cheekbones and play up my best features.  I am almost 60 and now when I apply my makeup, using the techniques that Kendall taught me, people say I look better than I have in years and I don’t look “made up.”  I now know how to use makeup to enhance my features and I feel much more confident about how I present myself in the world.

Jane B.

"I had never had a makeup consultation in my life and Kendall made it look so easy!"

"She put me at ease and explained each step. She also made the experience fun and gave me tips I now use everyday as a teacher, since I don’t have extra time each morning to spend on makeup. I found her style to be fresh and realistic, especially for a busy mom and teacher like myself. She answered all my questions and gave me great ideas for how to use makeup each day.”

Charity K.

"Kendall’s make-up artistry is truly magical!"

"What an amazing difference in how I looked and felt after she applied her touch. One of the most important benefits of working with Kendall is she is so good at creating a process that is unique to my ‘mature’ skin, face and lifestyle while being practical for me to utilize daily. I feel so confident now that I have a routine that really works for me. Thank you Kendall!”

Myrita C.

Use the printable Makeup Flashcard by keeping it at your makeup area for easy reference, along with your new Makeup Face Chart, where you’ll record personal notes. 

If you’re not sure what products best compliment your new routine, the provided Top Product Recommendations are there to help. And when it comes to maintaining your essentials, your own personal Brush Cleaning Guide is the first and only resource you’ll need.

The Ageless Makeup Masterclass is packed with simple yet powerful tips, tricks, and techniques to revolutionize your makeup routine. These bonus materials are the icing on the cake -- so what are you waiting for?

Enroll today and you will get access to all 10 of my instructional step by step videos, Makeup Face Chart, Makeup Flashcard and Brush Cleaning Guide bonus for only $27.

Bonus printable materials let you focus on what matters most and forget the rest.

ONLY $47

Get the results you want with no regrets!

Snag your bonuses and build your new makeup routine with this limited offer.

1. Do I have access to the masterclass immediately? 
Yes, once your purchase is completed, all of the Ageless Makeup Masterclass material is available to you. Best part is, you can watch it over and over! 

2. What is your return policy?
There is a 7 day return policy from date of purchase. The entire masterclass series must be completed. 

3. How long will it take me to watch the 10 videos in the masterclass? 
Each technique has it's own video so you can choose what to watch. Plan on 1.5-2 hours depending on if you follow along with your makeup or stop to take notes. Best part is the replay! 

4. Is this masterclass for all women?
Yes! My tips teach you the techniques, you get to decide on what colors of makeup to use. 

5. I want a natural makeup look, is this the masterclass for me?
Yes! I am known for creating beautiful natural looks- no Youtube makeup here!