How to Properly Wash your Face

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Apparently, overwashing your face is a thing — but your skin will likely let you know if you’re doing this via breakouts, dryness or irritation. When washing your face too much, you lose natural oils and fats in the skin, which technically will pull the skin cells apart allowing room for debris and bacteria to enter the skin, causing infections and inflammation. This is especially an issue with skin that has trouble with breakouts. So what are we supposed to do? You only need to wash your face once a day — twice at the most- and use a gentle, non abrasive cleanser that does not contain alcohol.

  • First wet your face with lukewarm water and use your fingertips to apply cleanser in a circular pattern. You can use a soft cotton washcloth but you have to use a clean one every time.
  • Splash rinse your face until the cleanser is removed.
  • Pat dry and spritz skin with facial toner (this will help your skin regain it’s PH balance)
  • Apply moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

It’s important to have a clean face at night, removing the day’s grime or makeup, so that in the mornings you don’t need a thorough face washing outside of your normal showering routine. If you experience specific issues that require attention in the morning it’s fine to do it then, however the most benefits are by washing at the end of the day when you return from work or before bed.

If you want to use the double cleanse technique, you will wash your face with your cleanser as normal then use Micellar Water to deep dive cleanse. Apply Micellar Water to a 100% cotton pad until it is wet (not dripping) and wipe your face. I will use my Micellar Water to remove my eye makeup too!

My top tip for busy people: Wash your face when you are “in” for the night. It feels good to start dinner, run upstairs to wash my face and feel refreshed for the evening. If I wait until right before bed, I’m too tired for one more thing but I want my skin to look good! My nightly skincare routine happens more likely at 7 than 11!

Are you a single or a double cleanse kinda gal? Your challenge tonight is to cleanse your face before bed. Try doing it early so you are refreshed for the rest of your night. BTW- I always splash water everywhere when I wash my face, it drives my hubs crazy!! HAHAHAHAHA

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