5 Must Have Makeup Tips!

People always ask me about the best way to apply mascara to get long full lashes. Mascara is best if it is fresh, no older than 3 months and kept clean. Pumping the wand is out, these days we swirl and wipe off excess at the top of the tube. Here are my best tips: 

  • Only curl your lashes BEFORE applying mascara. This saves you from possible damage to your lash.
  • Apply mascara from root to tip- wiggle wiggle wiggle that spoolie down to the root of your lashes. 
  • Let your first layer dry a bit before you add a second coat.
  • Apply the second coat of mascara to the outer ⅔ of the upper lashes- This will give your eyes a “lift”. 
  • Avoid mascara on the lower lashes as this is more likely to grab and smudge. Instead use an eyeliner to define the lash line. 

TWO. To blush or not to blush, that is the question. The experts say blush all day yay!! Makeup is all about pops of color and cream blush is making a big impact. Cream blush looks like second skin and lasts the day. 

  • Use your ring and middle fingers or a brush to apply. 
  • Start cream blush on the outer edge of the apple of cheek, blending back and upwards towards the ear. 
  • After concealer or foundation, apply in this order: bronzer, blush, highlighter.
  • Use a fluffy brush to blend out.
  • If you apply too much, cream blush is highly pigmented, use a sponge to blot away color.

THREE. Speaking of cream makeup, have you tried cream eyeshadow yet? If not you are missing a swipe and go opportunity! Cream eyeshadows give a color wash to the lid that is long lasting and buildable. You can use cream eyeshadow as a base shadow also. 

  • Dab cream shadow on eyelid with applicator or ring finger. 
  • Blend inwards towards the corner of your eye.
  • Allow to dry down (few secs) and apply more or a second color.
  • For super long lasting eyeshadow, apply setting powder or powder eyeshadow on top. 
  • You can use a fine angled brush to apply cream shadow as liner, layer with eye pencil to get long wearing results.

FOUR. Tinted moisturizers have come a long way. A lot of them are a triple threat product which no makeup bag should be without. Skincare properties to hydrate, makeup tints to give a glow and SPF to protect makes the best combo on the market. If you are tired of looking pale but avoid tanning, a slightly darker tinted moisturizer might be just the ticket for you. 8 Shades of Dew Skin from Beauty Counter has it all.

  • Choose wisely, not all SPFs are the same. Even Zinc Oxide has all levels of cosmetic grades, choose a tint that shows you the sunscreen so you can make sure it gets everywhere but disappears once applied. 
  • Look for the added benefits of skincare ingredients like Vit C and botanicals. This helps keep the microbiome of your skin healthy and plump- allowing your makeup to appear natural, not dehydrated
  • Apply with your ring and middle fingers in an upward tapping motion. Remember to apply to your hairline and jaw- I even do my ears if I’m wearing my hair up. 
  • Treat Tinted moisturizer as “foundation” and apply in this order: skincare routine, tinted moisturizer, eye makeup, cheek makeup, setting powder (if using), mascara and lips. Kiss and go! 

FIVE. Refreshing your makeup does not need to be a big deal. Here are some of my favorite ways to boost and be on your way. 

  • Use Evian water spritzer to rehydrate your skin. Simply hold can and spritz into air above your face, allow water mist to fall onto skin. Don’t hold the can in front of your face and spray- it will shoot in one direction. 
  • Comb brows upward and set with brow gel
  • Yes, you can reapply sunscreen ontop of makeup. Squeeze or spray a small amount of SPF into your hands, mix between palms and gently press sunscreen onto face (avoid eye area). A good sunscreen should melt into skin and not effect makeup colors. 
  • Dab a bit more blush on cheeks.
  • Swipe lashes with another coat of mascara and touch up eyeliner.
  • Grab a bright lippy for the party and blot to make it last. 

These 5 tips will help you boost your beauty. The key tips are hydrate, protect and layer. Until next time, see you on set! 

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